ANDA  - Autism & Neurodiversity Academy 

Our vision is to improve life for thousands of people across the UK. When people thrive so does the economy, your organisation the health and wellbeing of our nation.


By removing labels given to people and services, and by providing world-class autism and neurodiversity training and development, you can become an inclusive employer, equipped to get the best from your workforce, and will be opening up a world of new opportunities for new and existing customers and service users.


Many companies even seek out the niche skillsets and talents akin to neurodiversity so with that in mind we have established the UK’s first all-encompassing Autism and Neurodiversity Development Academy.


With one in eight people in our nation thought to be seeing and understanding their world in a more diverse way, why wouldn’t you want to open the doors for their employment, their needs and their custom?


The ANDA is waiting for your call today.